Our fundamental insecurity

“The cause of all these sufferings is our fundamental insecurity. We are always wondering whether we exist or not. Our ego, or rather our attachment to the idea of self, is completely insecure about its own existence. Our ego may seem strong but it is actually quite shaky. Of course, we do not ask such... Continue Reading →

Experiencing a state of wisdom

The way to experience one’s state of being is simply to relax. In this case relaxation is quite different from the setting-sun idea of flopping or taking time off, entertaining yourself with a good vacation. Relaxation here refers to relaxing the mind, letting go of the anxiety and concepts and depression that normally bind you.... Continue Reading →

Real gift

So the point we come back to is that some kind of real gift or sacrifice is needed if we are to open ourselves completely. This gift may take any form. But in order for it to be meaningful, it must entail giving up our hope of getting something in return. It does not matter... Continue Reading →


"To study emptiness means to accept without resisting, to not push away from the emptiness that's within us and try to fill up our sense of longing and deficiency. It's to sit and say, 'Let me feel that emptiness and not try to fill it right away.' When we stop running and feel that, then... Continue Reading →

The greatest deception

Prince Siddhartha sat on a patch of kusha grass beneath a ficus religiosa tree investigating human nature. After a long time of contemplation, he came to the realization that all form, including our flesh and bones, and all our emotions and all our perceptions, are assembled — they are the product of two or more... Continue Reading →


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