How to wear a tie – the Buddhist way

The great saint Virupa, what’s he saying? He is not saying that you should not wear tie. No, not at all. If you say, ok the tie is useless, is ridiculous, it is not good, therefore you should not wear tie. He is not saying that. Because if he says that it is a bit like a Sharvakayana path, isn’t it? Escapism. Renounce the tie. Get rid of the tie. He is not saying that.

What is he saying? You should wear tie. But know at the same time that it is ridiculous. Wearing the tie, and you should wear it very nicely. And keep on thinking this is the most useless, ridiculous piece of cloth I’m wearing. Impure perception. This is my impure perception. But I’m putting it on so that my boss will be happy, so that my colleges will be happy, so that some people might get inspired by my look. You understand, if you can combine this then that is what we call accepting ridiculousness of samsara into the path.
The Vajrayana tantric path is like a big recycling machine. You collect all kinds of garbage and make it into something usable. That is the whole purpose of Tantra.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.


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