Inculcating Tender Heartedness

Deep down, people long for a genuine connection with others. We have the desire to interact with others from a tender human heart. This longing becomes quite palpable when we are dealing directly with others, such as during a visit to the doctor’s office. We often wish that the doctors or nurses would relate to... Continue Reading →

Keep practicing surrender

The biggest question is can we accept the past and surrender to the present? Intellectually, we might be ready to say "I’m ready to do it." In the realm of experience, this can be quite challenging to do regardless of having patchy and momentary peace, especially, during meditation. In my understanding, there is no true... Continue Reading →

What is transcendent wisdom

What is transcendent wisdom? Let's inquire into that. Actually you can call it by many names, whatever name you prefer. It is a direct momentary process of dissolving all illusion right now, in this very moment. It is the dissolving of the illusion of pain, sorrow, and hatred. It is the dissolving of the illusion... Continue Reading →

The illusory world

“The world we are trying to transcend is not the physical world of air, sunlight, and ocean. After all, that world, even with all of its problems, is an amazingly beautiful world. Our problem is with the world that mind has constructed. Can we see that there is a mental world that we have created... Continue Reading →

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