Peace within ourselves

As the Buddha recommended, loving-kindness and compassion should first be sent to ourselves. A lot of our anger that is directed toward others stems from our initial anger toward ourselves. First we have to cultivate peace within ourselves, forgive ourselves and appreciate that despite all our faults and problems, essentially, we are good. We do... Continue Reading →

Our inherent nature

Our true nature is like a wineglass, and our defilements and obscurations are like dirt and fingerprints. When we buy the glass, it has no inherently existing fingerprints. When it becomes soiled, the habitual mind thinks the glass is dirty, not that the glass has dirt. Its nature is not dirty, it’s a glass with... Continue Reading →

Primordial purity

Although we use words such as achieving, wishing, and praying for enlightenment, ultimately we don’t acquire enlightenment from an external source. A more correct way to put it is discovering the enlightenment that has always been there.Enlightenment is part of our true nature. Our true nature is like a golden statue; however, it is still... Continue Reading →

Heart of Goodness

You don’t need to rely on anybody else’s goodness. You have a resource already, which is your own goodness. You are already good, and you can actually transmit that goodness to others. In Buddhism, we call this buddha-nature. Examine yourself and your state of being. You will find that you have the heart of goodness... Continue Reading →

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