Experience of wonder

The initial function of spirituality emerged from questioning the human condition and also from deep experiences of wonder. The word religion itself, initially meaning to “reconnect,” seems to have come from direct experiences of something larger than just a set of fixed ideas. It marked a return to something essential that we just failed to... Continue Reading →

Genuine resting place

The beautiful thing about the dharma is that whatever arises is fine. The Buddha never said that some thoughts or feelings are bad and we should reject them. And there is no need to make a big deal about them or make them special either.I think the point is to be natural with our experience…and... Continue Reading →

Just how things are

“There is no one thing that can make us happy. When we expect stability from the world of things we make ourselves vulnerable to disappointment. When things change, a they inevitably do, we think the phenomenal world has turned on us, our bodies disappoint us , the pleasant feeling we got from our meditation session... Continue Reading →

Feeling Stuck? read this

One of my fav quotes The word "Empty" in Buddhism does not mean 'empty' 'nothing' or 'void' it rather refers to the nature of how every thing is interdependant and has no independent origin. Read more about it here

What is prayer?

Prayer is a humble and intelligent way of asking for support for our aspirations and recognizing that we are not in total command of our world. Prayer, asking for help, is also a recognition that life is rich with resources for the aid of achieving our aspirations. - Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel


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