A gold chain is still a chain

There seem to be all sorts of different attitudes toward the idea of karma. One is that if you constantly try to be good, then there will be constant good results. That attitude to karma doesn't help you to transcend karmic creation. The ultimate idea is to transcend sowing the seed of any karma, either... Continue Reading →

Put in down

If one of your possessions breaks, you would not continuously walk around holding the item every day, but instead you would put it down until you are ready to fix it. Likewise, if there is a problem in your life, try not to continuously worry about it. But instead, put it down, and return to... Continue Reading →

Like clouds in sky

Since everything in the world simply arises, remains, and then passes away, how could it bring us any lasting happiness? We have to ask ourself, ‘Have we ever experienced happiness in the past? Have we ever experienced pleasure? Pain? Suffering?’ We can see that these feelings simply arise, remain, and then pass away. There is... Continue Reading →


Practicing renunciation doesn't always mean leaving world affairs and retreating to a forest. Renunciation can also mean dropping your opinion, views, prejudices & having the ability to drop your problems, lowering your guard & emptying your mind - even momentarily Lotus Seed

Renunciation mind

Renunciation mind is very simple in a way: we have renunciation mind when we realise that all this is not a big deal. Somebody steps on your toe – what’s the big deal? The more we get used to this notion, the more we have renunciation mind. Renunciation somehow has this connotation of giving something... Continue Reading →

An emperor of some sort

A sense of depravity..poverty almost always seem to linger in mind. I ‘m not enough or do not have enough of this or that...a sense of unfulfillment seem to linger on endlessly. After consciously becoming aware of this unsettledness one starts to make many endeavors to fulfill it - new possessions or new experiences ...... Continue Reading →

Happily everafter?

In almost all spiritual traditions, renouncing the world is regarded as one of the first steps in spiritual practiseSpiritual practise is often regarded as a means of salvation. According to that conception, spirituality should provide a permanent shelter where we can be happy and free; and since our daily living situation does not provide permanent... Continue Reading →


What the warrior renounces is anything in his experience that is a barrier between himself and others. ~ Chögyam Trungpa

Entering warrior’s world

So the discipline of renunciation also involves cultivating further gentleness, so that you remain very soft and open and allow tenderness to come into your heart. The warrior who has accomplished true renunciation is completely naked and raw...and no desire to manipulate situations. He is able to be, quite fearlessly, what he is. At this... Continue Reading →

Meditation is more than positive thinking

The point of meditation is not to just close our eyes and superimpose positive thoughts & repress negative ones. Rather, it’s dropping the judgement mindset all together - as Chogyam Trungpa says “The sitting practice of meditation provides an ideal environment to develop renunciation. In meditation, as you work with your breath, you regard any... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Shambhala

There’s always the primordial dot: that spark of goodness that exists even before you think. We are worthy of that. Everybody possesses that unconditioned possibility of cheerfulness, which is not connected purely with either pain or pleasure. You have an inclination: in the flash of one second you feel what needs to be done. It... Continue Reading →

The sitting practice of meditation

“The sanskrit word for meditation is dhyana; the Tibetan term is samten. Both refer to the same thing: steady mind. Mind is steady in the sense that you don’t go up when a thought goes up, and you don’t go down when it goes down, but you just watch things going either up or down.... Continue Reading →


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