Degrees of awareness

"From the earth’s point of view, the sun shines with varying degrees of brightness, but from its own point of view, it always shines with the same intensity. Likewise, from the mind’s point of view, there are various degrees or states of awareness, but from the point of view of awareness, which is the only... Continue Reading →

Great stillness within

Most of us search for peace and happiness in our thoughts, feelings, activities, relationships and our experiences of the body and the world. We hope for a time in the future when our minds and the world will settle down, so we can finally experience the peace of mind for which we long. However, this... Continue Reading →

Longing for happiness

“This perpetual longing for happiness – which can, by definition, never be fulfilled because that very search itself denies the happiness that is present in our own being now – condemns us to an endless search in the future and thus perpetuates unhappiness. It is for this reason that the poet said, “Most men lead... Continue Reading →

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