Love on Dharma path

Attachment and love are similar in that both of them draw us to the other person. But in fact, these two emotions are quite different. When we're attached, we're drawn to someone because he or she meets our needs. In addition, there are lots of strings attached to our affection that we may or may... Continue Reading →

Everyone is precious

Often we see other sentient beings as hassles: "This mosquito is disturbing me. Those politicians are corrupt. Why can't my colleagues do their work correctly?" and so on. But when we see sentient beings as being more precious than a wish-fulfilling jewel, our perspective completely changes. For example, when we look at a fly buzzing... Continue Reading →

Real freedom

In a Buddhist sense, real freedom is not about having the ability to act on any impulse that comes into our mind. True freedom means not being enslaved by anger, clinging, craving, resentment, spite, and so on. True freedom is being able to direct our mind to any virtuous object without any interference whatsoever from... Continue Reading →

Rejoice when you see trash

If we review our life, or even just the past year with honesty, we’ll notice the times when the garbage in our minds has led us to make bad decisions. Alarmed, we may scream, “Woe is me! This is too much to handle!” and then go to the bar, shopping mall, casino, refrigerator, or movies.This... Continue Reading →

Arbitrary nature of relationships

Usually we have very strong emotions towards these three groups of people. We are attached to our friends and dear ones, hostile towards enemies and those we dislike or fear, and apathetic towards strangers. To develop equanimity, we contemplate that these three categories are made up by our own mind. It's our mind that discriminates... Continue Reading →

My attachment to appreciation

Once, while I was in retreat, the thought came to me very strongly "I will go to the ends of the earth to seek appreciation!" the thought was so clear and stark, and I saw that in many ways I have done that in my life. Having a glimpse of the depth of my attachment... Continue Reading →

Accepting ourselves & others

It can be difficult to accept others and to accept ourselves. "I should be better. I should be something different. I should have more." All of this is conception; it's all mental fabrication. It's just the mind churning up "shoulds," "ought tos," and "supposed tos." All this is conceptual rubbish, and yet we believe it.... Continue Reading →

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