A dress rehearsal

Maybe we also think that some day we will have gained perfect maturity from the lessons of our lives. We expect to be wise old sages like Yoda, not realizing that maturity is just another aspect of decay.Subconsciously we are lured by the expectation that we will reach a stage where we don’t have to... Continue Reading →

The Japanese word Mu

Yes and no…this or that…one or zero. In the basis of this elementary two-term discrimination, all human knowledge is built up. The demonstration of this is the computer memory that stores all knowledge in the form of binary information. It contains ones and zeroes, that's all.Because we're unaccustomed to it, we don't usually see that... Continue Reading →

Inherent wisdom

Look into a plum tree. In each plum on the tree there is a pit. That pit contains the plum tree and all previous generations of plum tree. The plum pit contains an eternity of plum trees. Inside the pit is an intelligence and wisdom that knows how to become a plum tree, how to... Continue Reading →

Our excuses are simply tactics

Sometimes people say, “I’m not really angry, but this is happening to me and that’s happening to me, and it’s not right.” We can say these words and claim not to be angry while continuing to chew on our resentment. Even the best excuse will not relieve or lessen the pain of a disturbed heart.... Continue Reading →

The feelings trap

We may believe that if we can act just right, then our stream of feelings will always be pleasant and there will be no pain, no loss. So when a painful experience arises we often try to get rid of it, and when a pleasant experience arises we try to grasp it. When a neutral... Continue Reading →

We are not alone

One of the most difficult things about hard times is that we often feel that we are going through them alone. But we are not alone. In fact, your life itself is only possible because of the thousands of generations before you, survivors who have carried the lamp of humanity through difficult times from one... Continue Reading →

What is Nirvana?

Enlightenment, or Nirvana, is nothing other than the state beyond all obstacles, in the same way that from the peak of a very high mountain one always sees the sun. Nirvana is not a paradise or some special place of happiness, but is in fact the condition beyond all dualistic concepts, including those of happiness... Continue Reading →

We are all same

Every technique of Buddhist meditation ultimately generates compassion. Whenever you look at your mind, you can't help but recognize your similarity to those around you. When you see your own desire to be happy, you can't avoid seeing the same desire in others And when you look clearly at your own fear, anger, or aversion,... Continue Reading →

Feelings are simply feelings

We may believe that if we can act just right, then our stream of feelings will always be pleasant and there will be no pain, no loss. So when a painful experience arises we often try to get rid of it, and when a pleasant experience arises we try to grasp it. When a neutral... Continue Reading →

What is transcendent wisdom

What is transcendent wisdom? Let's inquire into that. Actually you can call it by many names, whatever name you prefer. It is a direct momentary process of dissolving all illusion right now, in this very moment. It is the dissolving of the illusion of pain, sorrow, and hatred. It is the dissolving of the illusion... Continue Reading →

Change is inevitable

We know that all is impermanent; we know that everything wears out. Although we can buy this truth intellectually, emotionally we have a deep-rooted aversion to it. We want permanence; we expect permanence. Our natural tendency is to seek security; we believe we can find it. We experience impermanence at the everyday level as frustration.... Continue Reading →

Things are fundamentally groundless

We feel that we have to be right so that we can feel good. We don't want to be wrong because then we'll feel bad. But we could be more compassionate toward all these parts of ourselves. The whole right and wrong business closes us down and makes our world smaller. Wanting situations and relationships... Continue Reading →

A homeless prince

Grasping to a non-existent self, we misread our world and lose the true treasure of our mind. Because of our belief in a self that must be preserved at all costs, ego controls our every mental, emotional, verbal, and physical act. Although our wisdom mind is completely radiant at all times, we become like a... Continue Reading →

It is uncertain, isn’t it?

Wisdom is not knowing but being. The Christian mystics instructed seekers to enter the Cloud of Unknowing with a trusting heart. The wise heart is not one that understands everything—it is the heart that can tolerate the truth of not knowing. Wisdom comes alive in the presence of the mystery, when the heart is open,... Continue Reading →

Wisdom crazy

Another aspect of the Sadhana is crazy wisdom, which is an unusual term. How can craziness and wisdom exist together? The expression "crazy wisdom" is not correct, in fact. It is purely a linguistic convention, Wisdom comes first, and craziness comes afterwards, so "wisdom crazy" would be more accurate Wisdom is an all-pervasive, all-encompassing vision... Continue Reading →

Many expressions of Buddha’s wisdom

“They say there are 84,000 expressions of the Buddha’s wisdom, but what is the common thread that runs through all of these methods and teachings? The insight into dependent arising. To see the nature of dependent arising, pratityasamutpada, means to see things in context… in relationship. Nothing is self-defining because everything is conditioned by the... Continue Reading →

To see with eyes of compassion

Becoming aware of intention is the key to awakening in moment-to-moment practice In times of difficulty it is this repeated setting of our heart’s compass that determines the result. Whether in a family disagreement or community conflict, before we speak and act, we can become aware of our deepest intention. Even the simplest words can... Continue Reading →


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