Giving more of ourselves

Not receiving love in life causes great suffering & pain. We all know how damaging it can be to be devoid of love & affection. As a result we become dependent on others for our emotional wellbeing and a sense of belonging. Therefore at a subconscious level we do whatever we can to be loved, desired & wanted – be it possessions, house, car or status. However, what we usually do not acknowledge is that it is equally painful not being able to give love & affection back to others as well. That is why estranged relationships & people passing away hurt as much – as we are unable to give that love & compassion that arises naturally in us & is meant to be shared.

The importance of acknowledging this as a transformative one – we go from just receivers to receivers & givers. By understanding how important it is for our OWN wellbeing to not withhold and give more of ourselves helps to break barriers & build stronger bonds

– Lotus Seed 

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