Relaxing our sense of identity

Ram Dass sometimes shared a story of a young woman who told him, “My family hates when I’m a Buddhist but loves when I’m a Buddha.” In other words, its not what religion we identify ourselves with that matters, but how freely we are able to love and keep our hearts open with others that matters most.
If we identify too strongly with a belief system there’s often a wall of separation that arises- of us/them, me/you. It’s better to BE love, to BE peaceful, then to think it’s our job to teach that to others, or show them how they are wrong.
More important than identification with a religion (or other belief system) is to live the core teachings― to focus on being peaceful, loving, joyful, generous, grateful, mindful and kind.
Simplifying our sense of identity, being with people fully, sometimes silently (knowing in our hearts that we are all part of one unified reality) can be powerful and transformative. Giving everyone you meet your undivided love and attention (without judgment)― as small children often do― is one of the greatest gifts we can share with the world.
By focusing on the interdependence, unity and connectedness that was always there from the beginning, the “problem” of self/other is not so much solved, as dissolved and transcended.
~Christopher: Tao & Zen FB Page

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