The truth of impermanence


In life there are moments that we think that we should give up and look for something different, there are moments that we feel that I am the victim, I am loser, I am lonely, all kind of this thoughts arises and that’s the perfect moment to reflect the Buddha’s teaching. And to realise the impermanence of perfection & imperfections, to realise the temporary moments of joy and sadness, constant changes of politics, human mood & world.

Today’s best friend are tomorrow’s worse enemy, today’s most devoted guru becomes tomorrow’s gossip subject, today’s best smart phone is tomorrow’s cheapest phone, today’s enemy is tomorrow’s friend, today’s girlfriend/boyfriend is tomorrow’s someone’s wife,husband, or someone’s father or mother, everything constantly changes so therefore keeping this in mind we should be knowing that this present situation is temporary too.. everything constantly changes therefor we should practice diligently BUDDHA ( Dharma ) to understand the truth of impermanence, and to awaken the nature of mind, and to be free from the trap of this suffocating moment, and having a joy of breath, precious human life & moving on to be better human beings – Simdha Getul Rinpoche

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