Attacked by our own aggression

The question that we’re going to discuss tonight is a very simple one. It is a question of heart. That is what the world needs. The heart of warriorship is also fearlessness. Having a heart at all is based on being fearless and manifesting a sense of warriorship. When we talk about becoming a warrior, we are not talking about conducting warfare, but we’re talking about manifesting fearlessness and gentleness that can save the world.
We have to be genuine, which means not having aggression and being true to oneself. In that way, we can build an enlightened society. Enlightened society cannot be built and cannot develop on the level of dreams or concepts. Enlightened society has to be real and good, honest and genuine.

A lot of us feel attacked by our own aggression and by our own misery and pain. But none of that particularly presents an obstacle to creating an enlightened society. What we need to begin with, is to develop kindness toward ourselves and then to develop kindness toward others. It sounds very simple-minded, which it is. At the same time, it is very difficult to practice

– Chogyam Trungpa

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