Fundamental nature of the human heart

All people have enlightened nature. Everyone’s hearts are innately imbued with tsewa*. Why not cherish what you have in common with all beings rather than make yourself insecure by trying so hard to be special, somehow better than everyone else? If you can enjoy being ordinary, you’ll be free from the insidious, unrelenting pain of looking for special attention, affection, and approval from the outside.

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

Tsewa is a Tibetan word that translates roughly to “tenderness”. As a religious concept, tsewa can be loosely defined as the state of being open hearted toward others in a way that allows people to experience and spread positive emotions such as love and compassion that are the fundamental nature of the human heart. The more open one person’s heart is, the more they benefit and help others. The more that a person helps others, the happier they feel. The happier they feel the more open they become, and they are even more likely to help others. This makes them feel even happier still, and so the tsewa forms an upward spiral for everyone – source:

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