Become a researcher

Pain can be a better revealer of your own mind than any other state. Sometimes pain is really a great ally for you to discover certain defects in your mind. Pain sometimes can serve as an illuminator. People think, “Oh, I’m not very arrogant; I don’t feel so arrogant; I don’t think I see myself as arrogant.” And it’s true, people feel that way. But when they are offended and they have pain, they can see how they have been arrogant all along. My answer to you is, “Become a researcher,” and not just in support of the Dharma. That is why Buddha has said, “Examine my words like a goldsmith examines gold; do not take my word because it’s my word.” These words encourage us to become like a researcher. Use pain to get to know your state of mind much more deeply, in order to develop a conviction in the Dharma

– Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

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